• info@europart.ru
  • +7 495 7954505
  • 8 800 7005703 (toll-free call from Russia)
  • +79037954505 (messengers)
  • info@europart.ru
  • +7 495 7954505
  • 8 800 7005703 (toll-free call from Russia)
  • +79037954505 (messengers)

Local pickup point and
shop warehouse of spare parts, consumables and equipment for diagnostics, maintenance, and operation of motor vehicles
EUROPART Rus Ltd, the branch office "Moscow-2" (Moscow and Moscow Oblast)

Aleksey Pahomov
Aleksey Pahomov
branch office manager
+7 966 321 0192
Certificate of Authenticity
address142718 MKAD 32 km (Moscow Oblast, Leninsky District), poselok Bittsa 72A, TK Trakt 32, pavilon 2-26
GPS coordinates55.573470N,37.617734E
phone+7 495 500-3585 ext. 1700; +7 495 721-8631
business hoursMon-Fri 09:00–18:00, Sat 09:00-15:00
paymentcash or card payment (VISA and MASTERCARD accepted) at a cash-desk of your local pickup point
local pickup

If ordered products are available at the pickup point warehouse at the time of placing an order You can collect them during point's business hours. Online shop manager will inform you about it.

Otherwise, ordered products will be delivered to the pickup point from the Central warehouse, and you can collect them according to the following schedule.

regular delivery
(delivery expenses are included in a product cost)
time of placing an order
(Moscow time)
time of collecting an order
(local time)
Mondaybefore 13:00Mondayafter 15:00
after 13:00Tuesdayafter 10:00
Tuesdaybefore 13:00after 15:00
after 13:00Wednesdayafter 10:00
Wednesdaybefore 13:00after 15:00
after 13:00Thursdayafter 10:00
Thursdaybefore 13:00after 15:00
after 13:00Fridayafter 10:00
Fridaybefore 13:00after 15:00
after 13:00Monday
(next week)
after 10:00
Saturdaybefore 15:00after 15:00
mode of transport: road or rail

Online shop manager will inform you about delivery details during holidays and shifted business days.