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Warehouse complex «Gzhel»

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The village of Gzhel in Moscow Oblast witnesses EUROPART Rus implementing a project of the company's own logistics centre built on a land plot of 5 hectares. The site is located near the Egorevsky highway 37 km from the Moscow Ring Road and in the near future will be in immediate proximity to the Central Ring Road.

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The technological part of the project was carried out by Massimo Consulting under the direction of Alexander Maksimovsky. The general designer of the complex is the А-B Studio architect bureau headed by the Moscow architects Michael Labazov, Andrey Savin and Andrey Cheltsov..

The design of stage P is scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2013. Then 3 to 6 months will be taken by state expert appraisal of the design documentation. Construction work at the site is planned to be commenced by the spring of 2014.

The functional nucleus of the future logistical centre will consist of two three-bay buildings with a total floor space of 21,519 square meters and the effective height (allowing the process equipment placing) of 12.5 m. Each of the two buildings will have all conditions for independent warehousing and for operation as a part of a consistent warehouse complex.

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The layout of each building includes a hall with two two-storey built-in units on the cargo handling facade and a three-storey extension unit on the back facade. The built-in units shall accommodate operations teams directly engaged in servicing the customers and delivery drivers. The extension unit will host the areas for the storage of the goods requiring special fire-fighting conditions, power charging, fitters and joiners workshops, offices, locker rooms, canteens, etc.

The territory of the logistics centre is to have a heat station plant, an artesian well, a parking lot for passenger cars and trucks, fire-fighting tanks, checkpoints, an operation service building with offices, workshops and a garage for cleaning machinery.

The heat station plant connected to a high-pressure gas line includes boilers with a total heat output of 6 GCal, a transformer substation with an electric capacity of 1150 kVА, reserve diesel generators with a total capacity of 1000 kVA.




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